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Examples of Malicious Computer Programs

You share your average score of all the sections that make up the test. While the Anna worm was relatively benign e.

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But he had another plan in view, in which candor and liberality of Sentiment, regard to justice, and love of Country, have no part; and he was right, to insinuate the darkest suspicion, to effect the blackest designs.

F-Secure calls this worm OnTheFly after the pseudonym of its author. That is a ridiculously high value for Smith's time.

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Today, things are different. The name of the attachment had a double file extension, which like Melissa and Anna above, is symptomatic of a malicious attachment. What makes the Pathogen virus worth including here is that its author is one of the very few authors of malicious computer programs who were arrested and convicted.

A Baghdad bunker destroyed in full confidence that it housed a high-level Iraqi command post had in fact sheltered some four hundred civilians, almost all women and children, most of whom were incinerated. Nimda like Sircam uses its own internal mail program, so that copies of outgoing e-mail do not appear in the user's e-mail program's out-box.

To me it only seemed like a long-awaited treat.

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I don't know what my life would have been without his influence but it certainly would have been different. Later, the web server in the Philippines was overwhelmed i.

A quick calculation shows that the damage inflicted by a malicious program will be immense. Once a webserver was infected by Nimda, the worm adds a small amount of Javascript code to webpages on that server with filenames: Perpetrator of Nimda To the best of my knowledge, the author of the Nimda worm was never identified, so there can be no legal consequences for him.

Because staying up late debating whether or not Stonewall Jackson was a hypochondriac was treated as perfectly normal, perfectly normal it became. Such an additional character will prevent warnings from the recipient from reaching the victim.

If the user assumes the system has hung, and reboots the Macintosh while this is occurring, the entire system file will be corrupted and an entire reload of system software must then be performed.

Examples of Malicious Computer Programs

Nimda could infect a computer when the user read or previewed an e-mail that contained a copy of Nimda. Morris earned his Ph. Ethical people are not favorably impressed by someone whose portfolio harms other people.

These two novel features represented a significant "advance" in ability to harm victims. The only reason that I mention the MBDF virus in this essay is that it is one of a very few cases in which the author and distributors of a malicious program were arrested and punished for their crime.

Rutgers did not know that Smith had been arrested for this crime. Copies were then sent to all of the remaining addresses on the list. All of those alterations must be undone, in order to recover from the malicious program.

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SAT-ACT conversion tool plus important information about the SAT and ACT and the key ways in which the SAT and ACT differ. Introduction This essay contains a description of several famous malicious computer programs (e.g., computer viruses and worms) that caused extensive harm, and it reviews the legal consequences of each incident, including the nonexistent or lenient punishment of the program's author.

Scholarship Essay Example 2. As we sped down the highway, the quiet and calming hum of the car seemed somehow at odds with the late-summer lushness of the Pennsylvania landscape.

Maryland essay prompt
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