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Furthermore, Becker stressed that mistakes were allowed, but the hotel could not tolerate the same mistake being made more than twice. This is the fairest way of choosing these new figures, and will decrease the likelihood of retaliation by unsatisfied employees. Describe in detail the role s that the managers should have played in this case.

Furthermore, stress, absenteeism, and employee turnover were at an all-time high. If these changes are implemented successfully, the Regency Grand Hotel should expect a positive change over the long-term.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. He had to spend most of his time attending to his subordinates.

If it is done correctly and clearly, confusion about roles could be kept to a minimum and the transition could go over smoothly. Empowerment requires an employer to grant employees additional autonomy in making decisions. This sets out a clear hierarchy in which there is minimal confusion, and the employees already have experience with such a system.

This course of action has already worked for the hotel in the past. Designed Regency grand hotel bangkok offer a full range of services and facilities tailored to serve the needs of meeting planners, the hotel will have more than 10, sq ft 1, sq m of contemporary meeting space, including a ballroom.

Had Becker looked into how these- factors would affect employees when they were introduced to the new strategy, he may have been able to take these factors into account, and apply his strategy accordingly. This is made evident by the increasing amount of complaints from customers to employees, and to the management team.

The management team will then be tasked with teaching these new supervisors what is exactly to be expected of them. Daily News Delivery Join your colleagues and stay up to date on the latest Hotel industry news and trends. It usually is in the range of to THB.

Part of the problem can also be attributed to differences in cross-cultural values. The final result of the high stress, low motivation, and lack of job satisfaction, is that it decreases service quality, which in turn has a negative effect on customer satisfaction, which can harm the overall profitability for the company.

As a result, our actual results, performance or achievements may differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. In the past, the hotel had minimal guest complaints.

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The state of the art amenities and idyllic views merely enhance the comfort and enjoyment value of the rooms. Assumptions One important bit of information that the case fails to explain is if the employee bonus at the end the year remains in effect.

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In his 10 year career, he has become renowned for turning around other newly purchased locations of the American hotel chain which were preforming poorly.

External Analysis As a direct result of the organizational issues, customer satisfaction has fallen. All options for transport are available in this route — bus, minibus, car, train and airplane.

Becker was very upset when he realised that two of the local newspapers and an overseas newspaper had published negative feedback on the hotel in terms of service standards. This shows that they are not entirely open to the proposed changes, and are not fully disclosing their opinion with Becker, thus increasing their hidden area.

The stress levels of the employees were continuously mounting since the introduction of the practice of empowerment. Online reservations cost THB extra, which is levied at the railway station, where you go to collect the tickets.

The most logical course of action would be to still maintain an employee empowerment strategy, but add a new role of supervisor that would act as a decision consultant for fellow employees, while working alongside them.

Minibuses ply the route every 15 minutes from hrs to hrs. John Becker applied this same strategy at the new hotel and as a result, the employees, who are used to a strict hierarchy of order, have become unorganized and inefficient.

This would keep the open area in exhibit 4 to a minimum, and maximize the hidden and blind areas, as a result of lack of feedback from employees to their management and vice-versa.

In the past, the Regency Grand had emphasised administrative control, resulting in many bureaucratic procedures throughout the organisation. The ticket costs THB.

It will examine employee empowerment strategy and explore the issues associatedwith the introduction of such strategy, using academic literature and evaluating online sources and other publications. Employees would still have to clear decisions with management, but they would be encouraged to think up new ideas on how they could make their work more efficient.

Consequences not looked into.Book Grand Regency Hotel in Islamabad at discounted rates. Read 0 hotel guest reviews of Grand Regency Hotel and book today! The Regency Grand Hotel Essay Sample. Recently purchased by a large American hotel chain, the Regency Grand hotel, located in Bangkok Thailand, is an example of prestige, with a 5-star rating.

Regency Grand The Regency Grand Hotel, a five-star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand is noted to be one of Bangkok’s most prestigious hotels and its staff enjoyed the prestige of being associated with the hotel.

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Royal Orchid Plus hotel partners span the globe, with some of the finest accommodation and service in the world. Each qualifying stay can earn up to miles, or miles can be earned on your spending with hotel partners. The Regency Grand was Thai owned and operated.

It was a profitable and successful company during it 15 year existence with very high morale within the company. Employee’s worked according to management’s instructions.

Regency grand hotel bangkok
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